Hi! I'm Torrance Cooper. Everyone knows me as 'Coop', so you're invited to do as well. I'm a natural professional bodybuilder - meaning no steroids, or other performance enhancements drugs. I've been bodybuilding since 2008 and went professional in August 2013. I've won many awards, medals, etc. throughout my experience (see photos page for some examples). I've played many sports throughout my life, such as semi-pro football, basketball, wrestled in high school and did a little track.
         I've been a personal trainer for about 9 years now, which I have a NGA certification. My main goal is to teach and coach clients on how they can achieve a healthy life style that is done through not only exercise but feeling good and staying fit.
         Before I became a natural bodybuilder, I met a guy that I worked with who was also a bodybuilder. Several people (my friends included) have told me that I had a lot of potential as a bodybuilder. Despite all of the encouragement from family and friends, I wasn't sure I had what it took to become a bodybuilder. That was until I met and spoke with Mr. Hawthorne.
         Rodney Hawthorne had been coaching my friend in his bodybuilding, who was good enough to introduce me. Mr. Hawthorne was a Mr. Universe and owned a gym.
         I went to Mr. Hawthorne’s gym to meet with him, told about how I had been working out six days a week and wanted to see if I had potential in the bodybuilding. He coached me through all the poses and said that I had great genetics and good size. I just needed a change of diet and nutrition and from there I should do really good.
         I’ve been training since 2008 with Mr. Hawthorne as my mentor ever since our meeting. He’s helped me prep for shows and made sure that I was stage ready. I was in my first show in November 2009 where I got third place – my first show ever!
         I had such a blast!
         Since then, I have completely fallen in love with the sport – finding my true, new passion.
         The photos on this page show me when I started - see my photos page to how I have progressed. Natural bodybuilding achievements:
  • 2018 UNBA men's novice classic physique 1st place winner
  • 2018 UNBA men's open classic physique 1st place winner
  • 2018 natural Olympia world championships! men's master professional 6th in the world
  • 2016 NGA open overall bodybuilding champion for pro card
  • 2013 NANBF overall novice champion and best entertainer/best poser award
  • 2013 INBA open overall bodybuilding champion for pro card - became a professional
  • 2011 best entertainer/best poser award
  • 2010 NPC 1st place novice middle weight champion
  • 2010 best entertainer/best poser award
Photos courtesy of Mark Mason Media